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Adults deserve naps, too.

We are a group of tired professionals that want to normalize adult naps and are sick of the "how to be productive" think pieces from "Rise & Grind" twitter. 


The Anti-Hustle Culture Club is designed to promote rest and a healthy work life balance through curated resources, activities and workshops that feature life coaches, educators, and creators.

Ready to reclaim your time? You're in the right place!

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You do not earn rest,
need rest.

Idk who needs to hear this but...

No, you aren't tripping for wanting to take it easy. Yes, work has been more hectic than usual. Hustle Culture tells us that we must be producing, achieving, and making money off of our skills and hobbies at all times. These cultural norms have inadvertently redefined exhaustion to be the pentacle of success and respect. The result of this hyper-productive narrative is wide-spread burnout and depression amongst working professionals around the world. 

Am I burned out?

Burnout can look different for everyone but if any of these resonate with you, then you may be entitled to a week-long nap and a 3 month vacation on a remote island.(technically this is a joke but I'm still serious)

Making more "rookie mistakes" at work than usual

Consistent Anxiety

Feeling detached from your favorite people, places, things & hobbies

It's hard to maintain your concentration. Even with the coffee.

literally in physical pain (ex. back aches + headaches + etc)

SLEEEEEEEEEP? *soulja boy voice)

Feeling doubtful of yourself.

Am I the drama??

Procrastinating harder than ever

You are feeling cynical and pessimistic

and struggling to cope with life/work

You are working after hours, on the weekend, and/or during your lunch break

Lots of "black screen" rants on Instagram these days...

Feeling apathetic and numb to your job/life (F*** THIS JOB!!)

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Jenae (aka JB) is an Atlanta native that works as a program manager in the tech space. Her background is centered around program management and community activation within global tech organizations. Beyond her career, Jenae is a well-being advocate that shares her own experiences through mentorship and speaking engagements. Jenae created the AHCC community to promote a healthy work/life balance amongst professionals that are experiencing burnout at work. 


The Anti-Hustla Prime

Meet Jenae

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AHCC IG Engagement  (5).png


by joining the Anti-Hustle Culture Club

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