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Jenae (aka JB) is an Atlanta native that works as a program manager in the tech space. Her background is centered around program management and community activation within global tech organizations. Beyond her career, Jenae is a well-being advocate that shares her own experiences through mentorship and speaking engagements. Jenae created the AHCC community to promote a healthy work/life balance amongst professionals that are experiencing burnout at work. 

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"I am on a mission to magnify my own intentionality, grace, and compassion towards myself so that I can use my experience to create conscious communities of like minded people." 

-Jenae Butler

Meet JB

I recently took a leave of absence from my job because I got sick of being a #girlboss. What surprises me. though, was the fact that this exhaustion has been building up over time. 

I have always prided myself on my resolve to achieve my goals. I felt that my superpower was based in my ability to take minimal time off, maximize the time spent working/studying, and to make conscious sacrifices that would eventually benefit my career (like taking on 3 too many projects, working nights/weekends, retweeting reminders from "We have the same 24 hours" twitter).  To me, this was proof that I was putting in the work that made me the ultimate #girlboss. Whenever I'd feel exhausted, I'd view it as confirmation that I was experiencing the symptoms of success.


When the pandemic began, like the rest of us, I too was forced to slow down and actually sit with myself. It took no time to realize that my job has distracted me from my sadness, anger, and exhaustion - which ultimately led to my leave of absence from work. It was during my time away that I realized how I've internalized the pressures of "Hustle Culture" that have influenced me to be in a constant state of producing, achieving, and making money off of my skills/hobbies. 

As I unsubscribe from the demands of Hustle Culture, I decided to create a community for other tired professionals that could benefit from a safe space to find work/life balance and inspiration to prioritize our wellbeing. If this resonates with you, then I'm glad you're here! 

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